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Pure Excitement Comics is maintained by Bill Nolan.

Vol. 1 No. 38
October 2001

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Letters Page

   Welcome to the Letters Page, everybody! Be sure to check back next month when I plan to kick it up a notch and start an uninterrupted run of 10 or so issues featuring heroes making their debut appearances in these pages. No Target and the Targeteers or other past favorites for a while! You'll have to be satisfied with the likes of the Twister, Sub-Zero, Doctor Frost, the Puppeteer, Twilight, Flamingo, Futureman, a decidely different Black Owl, and many more. But before that, we must take a look at some of the letters I received over the past month, in response to both issue 37 and the special Heroes of America benefit issue (be sure to check that out if you missed it):
   Great job Bill! The perfect patriotic issue, and perfect for the situation. All of the stories were very good, but the first two really stood out. The election story in "The Flag" was by far my favorite, and struck a chord on two levels. This Nazi terrorism could have just as easily have been worked into a modern terrorist tale which works into the second level. I am very much interested in politics, and that helped keep my interest. Just imagine if this happened in a modern election! (And we thought "chads" and butterfly ballots were a headache!!!) The Unknown Soldier was uncanny to say the least! I wonder what the writer would say if he saw what has happened in the last week. A Nazi invasion of New York was strange enough, but I was shocked when they used our own planes against us! Just a little too close to home these days... Finally Capt. Couragous and Pat Patriot were both really good stories in their own right, but seemed slightly overshadowed.
   Keep up the good work!


   Steve, I'm glad the special Heroes of America issue was as well received as it was. I threw it together rather quickly, but I tried to pick stories which had a connection to America's current situation. Except for the Pat Patriot story, which I already had scanned for something else, but liked because it featured a female patriotic hero.
   Dear Bill: I go to your site a lot and it makes me remember the golden age reprints in those DC 50 centers in the early 70's with Batman and Superman. I hope you print more obscure material. I love these old comics a lot and wish there were more of them on line.

Best, rrobot34

   Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the coming months when I plan to feature some REALLY obscure heroes.
   Hi Bill, I was very pleased with the special issue. It has been a rough couple of weeks. While I don't work at the Pentagon, my organization has an element there - we lost seven of them, including a couple I knew pretty well. The early reports told me we probably had casualties because I knew the area that was struck. One of my best friends survived unhurt, but the hours of uncertainty were especially hard. I found your special issue particularly appropriate - patriotism has been a little lacking from our society of late. Too bad it took an event like this to bring it back. But if we needed an example we certainly couldn't do better than Golden Age comics.
   Thanks again Bill.

Best wishes, Dennis

   Dennis, I'm glad my efforts were able to help you in some small way during this horrible time. I agree that it's been refreshing to see a return to patriotism in our society. I just hope it lasts a long, long time.
   That's it for the letters page this month. Be sure to check back next month for three more great reprints!

Golden Age Cover Gallery
Golden Age cover

In the gallery this month is the cover of Clue Comics no. 5, the source of this month's Boy King tale.

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