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Pure Excitement Comics is maintained by Bill Nolan.

Vol. 1 No. 39
November 2001

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Letters Page

   Welcome to the Letters Page, everybody! Hope you liked the start of my 11-issue run of "all-new" characters. Here are a couple of letters I received in response to the last issue:
   Bill, I waited until the new issue came out to read both parts of the Boy King story, although I did read the Catman and Marvo story as soon as the last issue went up (enjoyed the Catman story very much and thought the second Marvo story was better than the first one you reprinted). The wait was worth it; Boy King is a much more interesting character than I would have imagined and the combined 30 pages of the two stories do read like an epic, which is sort of amazing considering that most modern comic writers need more than 30 pages to tell a single story or even an episode of a larger story (but then the golden age didn't have to worry about ongoing sub-plots and other modern storytelling wrinkles). I expected much more focus on the Boy King's giant than was given but the scenes featuring the giant were more effective because of the restrained use of the character; the Crane was also a memorable villain, and I was taken completely off-guard when he used one of his artificial expanding arms because I didn't know he could do that. Great story all in all, and the Cadet origin in the current issue was the cherry on top for this month (not that I have anything against kid gang stories).


   Jon, I'm glad to hear my story selections are meeting with the approval of my readers! On an odder note, I have a later Boy King story which I'm not sure if you'd be interested in. It's a much shorter tale (only one issue) and the giant is nowhere to be found. However, Boy King does locate his long-lost brother, who is heading up a kid gang in Hell's Kitchen. No, I'm not making this up...
   I had to drop a note to let you know that the latest Pure Excitement was one of your best yet. I really enjoyed part two of the Boy King. WOW. A giant, Nazis a robot dinosaur. Not to mention Boy King strapped to a buzzsaw (nothing like the classics I say). Plenty of action and a little romance at the last minute. I've read quite a few episodes of the Cadet but I was unaware he had an actual origin story. Another great one. The Comrades were okay, too.
   Keep up the good work.


   Thanks for reading. I'm now even more glad that I hunted down that copy of Clue Comics no. 5. Without part 2, there was no way I could feature the Boy King story from Clue Comics no. 4.
   That's it for the letters page this month. Be sure to check back next month for three more great reprints!

Golden Age Cover Gallery
Golden Age cover

In the gallery this month is the cover of Blue Bolt Comics vol. 1 no. 9, featuring a rare Sub-Zero cover appearance. Sub-Zero will appear in the next issue of Pure Excitement Comics. This cover came from ebay, in case anyone cares.

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