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Vol. 1 No. 23
July 2000

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Lt. Hercules

Stupid Manny

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Letters Page

   Welcome to the Letters Page, everybody! For more great reprints check out our back issues and the CD-ROM page. Also, Golden Age fans are urged to check out Tales from the Attic, a great new fanzine dedicated to that classic era of comic history, complete with exclusive reprints from yours truly! The first two issues should now be available, email for details on how to order copies! For a less-biased opinion of issue 1, check out Jennifer M. Contino's review at the Sequential Tart web site. Finally, here are some letters I received in response to the last issue:
   Hi Bill. The new edition and other edition of PEC, are very great for mi, a lover of Golden Age comics. Great work and congratulations for all editions. Greetings from Chile, South America.
   Long Live the Golden Age Comics!

Eduardo Ravanal
Crazy comic man of Chile

   Eduardo -- Great to hear from you about my site. I'm glad to see that my Pure Excitement Comics are being read by people from around the world. Thanks for reading!
   Thank you for the wonderful web-zine. I have just discovered your pages and love it!!! Any advice on where/how to find some of these great GA comics? Most of the comic shops I go to have a very limited amount of GA issues. Rest assured anything I see and can afford will be mailed out to you (as long as you return it) for a possible feature on your pages. Thanks again.
   Keep up the good work.

Stephanie Cordle

   [I e-mailed the following response as well, but it bounced back as undeliverable, so I hope it was received] Stephanie, thanks for reading. And special thanks for writing in. My main source lately for Golden Age comics is eBay. There's lots of good stuff there, just be careful of the grading and don't get caught up in it too much. My rule of thumb is to only bid on auctions with a picture of the comic. That way you can sort of know what you're getting. Thanks for the offer of donations for the site. I'm not sure when I will need more material and I might be a little uncomfortable with others' books, but I'll let people know through the web site if I need stuff.
   Bill -- Thanks so much for providing the Pure Excitement site! I am working my way through the issues little by little. So far, the Dick Briefer "Frankenstein" is hands down my favorite. If you have any more of his stories, I'd love to see them in a future issue. The red, yellow and blue colors combined with the clean brushwork created a striking effect. I also liked "Fantomah" for its weirdness. Keep the weirdness coming!
   Best wishes,


   David, thanks for writing in to let me know that you are enjoying my site! Hope you liked every issue. I'll see what I can do about another Frankenstein story, I think I have access to a couple more [Editor's note - I managed to sneak one in this issue, hope you liked it!]. I do have another Fantomah story, but the feature had changed tone and is quite different. Mayby I'll reprint that story, too, to show the differences. Of course, it's not as weird as the first one, so it's not as interesting!
   Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know I think the latest edition is great. I had heard of Wildfire, but Spacehawk and Chuck Magnon were new to me. Chuck may have only lasted one issue, but he puts me in mind of characters like DC's Immortal Man and Vandal Savage and Marvel's Ulysses Bloodstone. I guess the concept was sound even if the character didn't have any staying power. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next edition and your next CD.


   Dennis, thanks for writing in again. It's great to hear from long-time fans as well as new ones each month after the new issue comes out. I enjoyed the Chuck Magnon story as well. I try to stick to more straight-forward costumed heroes, but that story was close enough and was well done. Also, there have been several Spacehawk reprint projects over the years (in black and white). I own an over-sized edition published about 20 years ago, but there was a Basil Wolverton collection with a lot of Spacehawk stories in it published by Dark Horse not long ago. I don't own a copy, but I saw one in a store a couple of months ago, so it should be readily available. The Dark Horse book is about the same size as the digest-like Manga collections and contains more pages than the older collection.
   That's it for the letters from the last month. See you next month!

Golden Age Cover Gallery
Golden Age cover

In the gallery this month is a foreign entry -- the cover of the January 1953 Masterman Comic, published in England. Bobby Fletcher, a young boy, rubbed his Ring of Fate to transform into Masterman and fight for freedom and justice.

Artwork originally ©1953 United Anglo-American Book Co. Ltd.

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